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The Looming Darkness

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

As a new dawn rises over Afghanistan, the hope for peace for the war torn nation once again fades into the darkness. In the aftermath, people are wondering what was the gain? In answer to that question, how many will stand today and say that it was worth the loss of life, the loss of limbs, families torn apart from grief, and the wealth that has been spent in pursuit of an objective that was never achieved? What has been purchased with the blood, tears, and fortunes of those engaged in this conflict? Unfortunately, there has been a beneficiary. Not a single person, but an industry. The military industrial complex, as President Eisenhower called it, has gained hundreds of billions - perhaps trillions of dollars over the past two decades. And like all conflicts, the spoils of war to be gained has finally reached its end. Consequently, the withdrawal has been swift, and the aftermath of what or who has been broken seems to be of little concern to anyone except those who have been left behind.

The truth is, most battles are fought simply to secure economic interests wrapped in patriotic pride or contrived with fear that stirs the masses into action that will ultimately only benefit a few. So, while the bulk of humanity weeps in its suffering, the industry of war counts their coins and continues to conceive, develop and deploy new weapons in order to enable the next conflict.

This is not a commentary on the evils of an industry, but rather the description of humanity's civilization that was conceived and built out of an immature intellect but has failed to evolve with our growing experiences and knowledge. The fight for survival during our early origin has embedded within our intellect a drive for competition that has become unnatural as compared to the world in which we live. Consequently, the drive for survival has become a drive for power and has set humanity on a course that continues to punish itself even though we live in an age where few should suffer. Nevertheless, we find ourselves causing our own suffering and blindness. The result is that our enlightenment is restrained and seldom lasts long enough to draw our attention away from our own madness.

Out of this most recent conflict, we should take the occasion to look at the cause of our sorrow, and in this investigation, perhaps it will be realized that new methods can be found that prevents or dismantles the methods that drive strident ideology into existence. The Science of Peace holds this possibility, but it will take many to achieve and a belief that a new peaceful reality is possible.

A passage from the introduction of Verses of the Peacemaker is as relevant today as when it was written more than a decade ago.

"In order to make the rescue of our beloved from the contentious battle of which there is no end, reinforcements are needed. I am endeavoring to deliver the most powerful weapon I can bring to bear to ensure that the battle for peace is won: the belief that peace is real."

If we want peace to prevail from out of the looming darkness, the effort to create a more peaceful world needs to begin. Let others concern themselves with assigning the blame, solutions must be sought - our brothers and sisters are depending on us to bring them out of their sorrow. Let's seek the truth that removes strident ideology from the intellect, and in that effort we will see peace rise. We are Sovereign Peace.

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