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From a book, SOVEREIGN PEACE was inspired 

The inspiration for SOVEREIGN PEACE came from the book VERSES OF THE PEACEMAKER, a dramatic portrayal of humanity's struggle to find peace in a world of conflict. From the book, a powerful call to action is made, SOVEREIGN PEACE is an answer to that call. 


Dangerous and Provocative, VERSES OF THE PEACEMAKER shows us how the forces of tyranny are conspiring away humanity's peace and how when the method of the tyrant is revealed, it's possible for humanity to change its course away from certain conflict.   


"Perhaps that last moment is your ultimate judgement; the judgement of salvation or damnation left determined by the regret written in your heart. When in those final moments you realize that you have nothing, created nothing and left nothing worthy of a lifetime. As a result, you claw and cling to life frantically in hopes of gaining another chance to fulfill your destiny.

But the die is cast and your judgement rendered; and death whisks you away with the cold soul of regret as your eternal traveling companion. Know this! Your legacy is your only possession that is written into history and follows you into eternity; it is your salvation!" 


Dark Castle
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Man holding stone


"In a moment of dark inspiration, humanity's understanding of peace was lost when the first stone was picked from the ground and cast in anger, setting the course of human history in search of power through conflict.

Now, irony describes humanity's circumstance. Where the stone that was once the most primitive of tools used by man to gain power has now become the most coveted.


Where within the stone humanity has discovered the earthly mineral that burns like the sun. And with the new discovery, how profane to humanity's wisdom is the word peace when used to describe the atom's brilliant flash of light as an instrument of peace."



"Come into my castle and see the home that humanity has built. Within the black exterior of my palace, the new resident will find soot covered brown-bricked walls stained with the blood of his brothers and salty white floors created from the tears of my subjects.

I have lit the halls with a flickering flame bright enough to reveal their sorrow but too dim to lead them from out of their despair.

Within the darkness - a whimper, a moan, a scream, murmuring and then boisterous laugher as my agents take turns extracting from their victim an amount of pain that serves their pleasure."



Verses of the Peacemaker - Introduction


I have always found satisfaction in doing something with meaning that finds humanity's satisfaction. For a young man, the military often fulfills this desire. But with a fair reflection brought on by a few years of experience, I see now that my view of humanity was narrow; finding the admiration of my deed associated with only the colors of a flag rather than the color of blood. 

So, while I have great love for my country, I can see now that my desire for the protection of my family and friends is not just my own or my country's, but humanity's. And that my best effort in their protection won't be found in the use of a violent weapon but in the pursuit of a non-violent peace. Having said that, I also realize that I am afforded the ability to discuss the pursuit of peace because brave men and women provide the cover needed to construct peace with their courage, blood and suffering.

As you will see, there is much to do in the establishment of peace, and this is just the beginning. There will be opportunity for service, science, creation, inspiration, groundbreaking innovation and greatness. 


With over twenty years of military service, I can say that I have stood the watch. But the ones we hold dear are still dying in pursuit of peace. As you may come to realize, much of what you know regarding peace may be wrong. And that our treasured love, humanity's warriors, have been and are still being lost, today; lost in battles waged for a cause only disguised as peace. 

In order to make the rescue of our beloved from the contentious battle of which there is no end, reinforcements are needed. I am endeavoring to deliver the most powerful weapon I can bring to bear to ensure that the battle for peace is won, the belief that peace is real.

-D.E. Blacksmith

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