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Sovereign peace

the world needs your Voice


together we will change the world


Today, more than ever, there is a need to return to our humanity. As technology grows, so too does the opportunity for war and tyranny. Disinformation, currency-manipulation, cyber attacks, espionage, state sponsored terrorism, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons all present a clear and present danger to world security. Additionally, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence combined with the prospect of Quantum Computing, there is a very real possibility that technology will overtake our ability to control our circumstance. Out of the untold numbers of unintended consequences that will likely result, the most consequential could be the very extinction of humanity itself. 


Additionally, almost without exception, there is rising turmoil within the world’s individual nations. The crumbling of societies around the world, imperils not only the nation(s) battling itself, but to a great extent, every nation: from out of the turmoil, violence and war often emerge. Racism, prejudice, class inequities, human rights violations, gender inequality, general injustice, violent ideologies, the business of war, and destructive greed, are all contributing to the erosion of our societies – either directly or indirectly. These rising concerns are driving many nations to the brink of anarchy, potentially endangering world stability.  


Apart from social unrest, the business of war brings an unending supply of arms and improved technologies that are always looking for a contest in which to be tested. Military industries, and the politicians that support them, ensure that the inspiration of war is continuous within the minds of the populous. The resultant fear is used to justify giving trillions of dollars to the world’s military-industrial complex. In the end, the business of war and the business of greed conspire to create an unholy alliance; where money is made in creating fear and executing war. In order to effectively compete against the mechanisms of war and business, the potential for war must be greatly reduced through an effective truce that changes the fundamental relationships between nations. Nations today are in a competitive game of life and death and this cycle must be interrupted so that new possibilities can be realized. It should be recognized that the biggest competitor against peace is not the inherent nature of humanity, but, rather, the business of war. 


The current world situation therefore demands that strident measures must be taken to avert disaster. It is because of this reality that Sovereign Peace proposes this most ambitious plan: A 100 year agreement, starting with the world’s most powerful nations, stating that no arms shall be taken against any signatory nation and that all disputes will be discharged through diplomacy, mediation or as a last resort, through binding world court arbitration. While simple as a proclamation, there are many large and fine details to sort, many plans, procedures, responsibilities and contingencies to craft, as well as disputes to be reconciled. Some of which have been contemplated, but many more remain to be discovered. Nevertheless, we are capable of rising to the occasion in order to solve these complex issues. We welcome partners, advisors, consultants, and individuals with expertise to lend their time in collaborating and constructing this most important document.     

The result of this truce would be immediate. Consider that approximately $2 trillion are spent annually on world militaries and the industries that support them (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Additionally, nearly $14 trillion are lost every year due to conflict (The Institute for Economics and Peace, So in terms of the tangible –  trillions of dollars could be made available every year to improve the world’s circumstance. From addressing disastrous environmental issues, to health, education and infrastructure – THE 100 YEAR TRUCE would allow nations to invest in humanity’s collective future without the burden of investment in the mechanisms of war.


While history seemingly testifies to the impossibility of this truce, do not be deceived. We do not need to accept that war is inevitable or that conflict is inherent to the nature of humanity. We must simply believe that peace is as real as conflict, and that for every endeavor that supports and executes conflict, those same but opposite intentional actions can be done to cause peace. Conversely, while the latter regarding peace is true, we must not forget that history records the lives of millions – perhaps billions that have been lost over the eons to conflict. But from those lessons of war, let us move forward with purpose and avoid similar atrocities of the past.


THE 100 YEAR TRUCE commits us all to a new future and a new potential for greatness. There are many challenges – many will seem unmovable, but we know from our experience that there is nothing that humanity has faced that has been insurmountable. In a world where the colonization of Mars is being planned, electrons are beamed instantly across time and space, and fantastic discoveries about our existence emerge daily – why should we not endeavor to establish this truce between nations, and why not now? It only takes agreement. Many in our world are suffering and many will suffer still, unless we come together and make THE 100 YEAR TRUCE a reality. 


To begin this journey, the world urgently needs your voice. There is strength in numbers. And in order to establish this agreement, we need the voice of individuals, institutions, legislators, and heads of state to demonstrate SOCIAL PROOF to world leaders that the initiative lives within a vibrant and expansive digital nation. Ultimately, proving that THE 100 YEAR TRUCE is worthy of their consideration, collaboration and signature. In meeting that expectation, the document must be comprehensive, powerful and executable. The genius of humanity is capable of such a history defining effort. 


From wherever you are, if you want to be part of changing the world and provide a legacy that will be felt in your children’s future; offer your agreement to this cause and YOUR VOICE will be heard.

-We are Sovereign Peace

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To every corner, spread the word. Make THE 100 YEAR TRUCE a reality.

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