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Nobility In Peace

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

As much of the world seems to be unraveling, I have reflected on the inspiration of Sovereign Peace. It's a simple story, but perhaps most eloquently told through "Verses of the Peacemaker": a manuscript written more than a decade ago, but nevertheless the words still inspire me today.

There Is Nobility In Peace
We live in a world where nobility was first described as a right of a pre-ordained birth. With time, nobility was used to describe an action that serves another without the promise of reward. Today, nobility is all but gone, left to description on paper rather than the description of another.
There is nobility in the establishment of peace; it is worthy of our effort, but, ultimately, humanity must determine if we are worth saving. If humanity continues on a self indulgent and self-worshipping path that serves our individualism only, we will find little worth saving, as we will only see disgust instead of sorrow in the suffering of another.
If we continue to find agreement with tyranny, as described in these pages, then we are destined to find our future in the flickering flame lit dungeon of despair, greeted with the sticky kiss of death as promised by the tyrant.
I, for one, am not resolved to this end.
While in the years of my life I have witnessed humanity’s apathy for suffering, I have also witnessed humanity’s greatness.
I have seen ships of war deliver food, medicine and hope to people worlds away from civilization.
I have seen the tears of a grief stricken mother wiped away, as the power of the atom was used to eradicate disease within her beloved child.
I have also seen the loving, spirited rally of humanity’s response to a tyrant’s evil deed.
Yes, I have seen humanity’s greatness. I have seen the true nature of Man in the uncorrupted spirit of a child touched by the suffering of another, as she pleads with humanity to feed someone she’s never met.
I see the greatness of a mother’s kiss upon the cheek of her child, in the coupled hands of two that love, and in a father who lovingly provides the inspiration for greatness in the hearts of his children.
I look for greatness, still, as I anticipate the awakening of a world civilization that recognizes the existence of peace and affords the effort in creating that world.
And while I have spent the majority of my life in defense of my beloved with a ready sword, I have relinquished the watch to another capable of continuing to secure the peace known within a world of conflict.
So, now, I am inspired to continue to protect my beloved by other means; and should we find success in peace, humanity will realize that it has always possessed the greatest weapon of all: love.
For the brave warriors fighting and bleeding at the wall in our defense, hold the line, sons and daughters; hold the line!
I’m coming – and I’m bringing the world.

We are Sovereign Peace

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