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No Peace Without Nature

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The link between nature and peace are undeniable; how we care for the environment is a reflection of how we take care of each other. It is not logical to believe that we can disregard the natural environment, and, in turn, have an attitude of compassion and understanding for our fellow humans. Likewise, it is not plausible that we would destroy each other and somehow find the wisdom and compassion to treat our environment with care.

Of course there are many who have affection for both, but the link between peace and the environment has not been universally adopted or strongly proclaimed. Consequently, both issues lack the depth of impact in the minds of humanity that they deserve. It is to the disadvantage of both causes when nature burns and it isn’t immediately understood that the inspiration for conflict and suffering is represented in the flames that are destroying the environment.

Additionally, we show our lack of understanding of the link between peace and the environment when we are willing to kill each other for economic gain on one hand and then proclaim our righteousness in our effort to restore the environment through treaty and legislation on the other. In either case, if they are not seen as necessarily complimentary to each other, the effort will fail.

Ultimately, we must become keenly aware of the connection and realize that we cannot continue to seek “prosperity” with the same lack of compassion for the environment that we have in the past. We must consider how we can work with nature in order to heal nature. For example, consider that Elon Musk has put up 100 million dollars to find a technologic solution to climate change. While perhaps noble in its inspiration, it seems illogical that we are willing to diligently search for a mechanical solution to a problem that already exists through nature. The view that we can regulate our atmosphere while ignoring nature is a complete disconnect with needs of this planet. Why save the natural environment when giant facilities extracting CO2 from the atmosphere can solve our climatic concerns without it? In reality, such efforts will only serve to continue our disconnected and uninspired quest for goods and services while ignoring our compassionate care of each other and our environment.

We can find a better way and it starts with an enlightenment of our purpose within this complex ecosystem. You were not born simply to work to create products so that they can be consumed. For every creature in nature there is a purpose – we need to get back to ours.

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