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Beware of Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

As humanity scuffles with itself over the color of its many exteriors, wisdom weeps for the foolish. It has never been more clear that we are one thing, one body. But today, humanity's body is out of harmony with itself, as emotional thought has been gripped by insanity. This has caused humanity to nip and gnash at its own flesh and then to laugh crazily as blood is let as a consequence of violence upon itself.

Humanity's collective thoughts have created the circumstance where the failure of civilization is almost assured. There is a reason the term self-fulfilling prophecy exists. Over the eons, history has demonstrated that where humanity focuses their thoughts, reality follows. However, today is like no other. The ability for the masses to interact with millions of people via social media has magnified the thoughts becoming reality phenomena, and whether by creation, imagination or evolution, humanity's emotion is stirred most effectively with conflict. As a result, conflict is rampant on social media, and the language of hate and discontent is accelerating world economic and social collapse. Arguably, even content such as this topic contributes to the fulfillment of prophecy. In order to offset this potential, humanity needs to be educated in this aspect of our physical reality and realize that collective sympathetic negative energy is additive to the wave of outrage that is now sweeping the planet.

This is not to say that injustice should be ignored, but rather that paths that lead to a more enlightened future must be lit with wise quiet contemplation, planning and compassionate execution. Outrage without solutions, mantra without manners or injustice delivered as a protest against injustice will ultimately lead to suffering that few wish to endure.

Some will say that flames of outrage are necessary in order to be heard, but this is a false belief. While the subject of your concern may win the day through violence, realize that the embers of hate and loss will smolder until opportunity to once again burn against your claim is found and the heat of conflict emerges.

So why do we solve problems through violence? Essentially, the answer lies in the ease in which conflict and war can be started. It doesn't take great intellect to light a flame, cast a stone or pull a trigger; consequently, there are many willing to solve problems through conflict, and in doing so, garner the admiration of the masses. Peace on the other hand is difficult and takes great intellect - an attribute that seems to be both rare and exceptionally valuable. This is not to say that there is not great intellect in conflict - there have been many with great intellect that have stirred conflict, but they are usually directing the engagement, not in the trenches fighting. For this reason, conflict entices the intellectual seeking power.

In the new technological world, the flames of conflict are fanned through social media by the millions, and for their assault on humanity, the masses cheer for their champion of the moment. This collective voice of hatred will ultimately be echoed into reality, where amid the ruins of our cities and homes we will proclaim that our concerns were valid as the destruction all around testifies. The masses will weep in their suffering, never realizing that the new reality was created by our thoughts and focused outrage.

Our thoughts become our reality. Conflict is easy, so unless we wish to suffer through war and strife over and over, a new, more enlightened path through peace education backed by science and effort is required. Until then, lift up instead of tear down. Moderate instead of mandate. Educate instead of preach. If you find your message is left unheard, reconsider your position, assess and refine your message and then offer your solution. Practice peace and patience continually, love often, and forgive daily. Peace is as real as conflict. Believe in peace.

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