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Atom and Eve - The Forbidden Fruit

The eve of the new digital world has opened new frontiers in the search for methods in the creation of peace. With that said, we have entered into a very dangerous time for humanity. The electron is wildly powerful, and unless we mature with the new discovery, it has the potential to either free us or destroy us. This warning has been made within, “Verses of the Peacemaker”:

“The precarious nature of humanity’s circumstance is magnified with the discovery of the new frontier. The genius of Man has found the power within the atom greater than the brilliant flash of light that both creates and destroys. It is the natural compliment to that great destructive and creative power, and it’s called knowledge. For within the atom lies the electron. And from the electron, humanity has coaxed the universal knowledge from out of the emptiness of space and into the digital human experience.
Perhaps this is the metaphorical forbidden fruit transformed into the real, where the singular Man’s eyes are opened to the realization that the ultimate gateway to both good and evil has been found.
Despite the danger of the possible consequences, the digital fruit has been tasted, and now the whole of humanity hungers for its flavor. But humanity must be cautious, the tyrant has also tasted the power of the digital, and the flavor reveals to him the ultimate tool to control humanity for an eternity. If left uncontested, the tyrant will, without restraint, pervert the electron for his own purpose. He’ll create laws to limit the singular Man’s use of the digital: manipulating the electron to spread fear among the masses, while suppressing truth and leaving the singular Man cut off from the purity of knowledge.
The tyrant will work to create an illusion of power and control that will appear peaceful and civilized. Through the manipulated electron, the tyrant’s words and actions can be made to appear noble and wise, supported by the whole of humanity, while the wise singular Man can be left to feel alone, stubborn and strange.
The tyrant will drown sense with the noise of the supporting mob. He’ll seduce humanity’s love of competition with vitriolic rhetoric until wisdom is numbed into ignorance and an awkward agreement is made with a charismatic messenger."

Don’t be seduced by vitriolic rhetoric – no matter the cause. Vitriolic rhetoric that demands your agreement is the method of the tyrant and not deserving of a mature society. Protect your agreement; it is your most valuable and powerful possession. In the battle between good and evil, your language and actions are the uniform that identifies opposing armies. Our language and actions identifies who we truly are. If the same methods used to secure peace are the same as those to secure tyranny, how do we truly choose the true righteous path without the possibility that evil lurks beneath?

For the sake of peace, we must change our approach to conflict, create new methods of communication and science capable of guiding humanity into the new world.

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