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The Peacemaker Must Rise

Peace has a fundamental problem. Throughout history, humanity has venerated the warrior and portrayed the Peacemaker as weak and afraid. But of course this is a issue of perception and not reality. Consider that while the warrior is most often found among an army of thousands, the Peacemaker is often found alone opposing armies of thousands.

Today, more people than ever are becoming conscious of the reality that conflict most often serves a select few, while the lives of the many are rallied into the battle through fear and coercion. Nevertheless, the value of the Peacemaker still lingers in the shadow of the warrior. For the cause of peace this perception of the peacemaker must change and the consciousness of humanity must continue to become aware of the value of the peacemaker.

In order for the cause of peace to continue to grow, social proof provided by our new information technologies must provide the inspiration that leads to peace being admired in all forms. Of course this is easier said than done. Conflict is marketed and sold through militaries, governments, and entertainment.

Creating admiration for the Peacemaker is difficult because it is not as easy to demonstrate the value of peace as overtly as the warrior is able to demonstrate their prowess in battle. In conflict, there is a contest and usually the outcome is easily observed and the contributors to the outcome easily identified. Peace is more subtle and the outcome is often slow, and the exact cause not so easily identified. For this reason, admiration for the Peacemaker is often lost in the noise of time.

If there is to be a powerful movement toward peace, we must rethink how peace and the Peacemakers are represented to the world. Humanity must be taught to venerate the Peacemaker, and in order to accomplish this, new paradigms and plans must be created. The Peacemaker must be among the most valued of society so that national pride that is found in the strength of their armies can be transformed into the admiration for their ability to quench the fires of conflict before they rage.

Peace needs a fan base and a marketers mindset in order to rise from obscurity and into the common discourse of society. Provide your social proof of the value of peace and support peace whenever and however you can.

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