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Words that Kill

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

During the political season be careful. Vitriolic rhetoric that demeans, humiliates or mocks is dangerous. Rulers and power seekers throughout history have used this method to dehumanize their opponent. Once the dehumanization is complete, there is little offense in destroying life through whatever method finds the most success. I find these dehumanizing methods used on Facebook and Twitter almost daily. Most laugh and share, but they are small steps in a method used throughout history to manipulate the masses into fighting for a cause contrived to build the power of a few.

Facebook and Twitter are exceptionally efficient in spreading both ideology and dehumanizing the opponent. Vitriol without logic, using bully methods of mockery that we chastise children for but liberally use as adults is counter to our better logical selves. We must rehumanize one another so that injury, whether physical or emotional, offends our intellect.

Righteous vitriol guided by intellect and delivered with passion is rare and powerful, but thoughtless vitriolic stances delivered with insult and intimidation are methods of manipulation that, while effective in the moment, take us back to a primitive past that is not worthy of our present. Peace is a state as real as conflict, humanity needs to choose peace and reject the fundamental building blocks of conflict. Humanity must rehumanize!

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