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The Science of Peace

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

For every subject that humanity has diligently contemplated, deeper understanding has been found. And like any subject, if important enough, it will be examined with greater detail. On rare occasion, the quest for understanding qualifies as science and the industry of genius takes the new science and creates ways to measure, quantify, resolve and refine elements within the science in order to unfold the mystery within it.

Eventually, actionable truths are found and humanity's collective knowledge is increased. This is true for peace as well. But the scientific minded have yet to loudly proclaim their discovery - content to let the topic languish with the uninspiring title of "Peace Studies", rather than a more powerful declarative of discovery title such as "Peace Science". Many will think this is semantic, but the term, "studies" merely states that information is being gathered or that the topic is simply being, "looked into". On the other hand, the term "science" says, I have knowledge! I have discovered one of the elements that forms the intellectual substance of humanity and like math, physics, chemistry and biology, it must be taught and it must be learned.

There are many great people working on the problem of peace, but they work in the shadow of humanity's apathy and mockery of peace. Most of humanity believes that conflict is the nature of man and that there is nothing that can be done except to implement strict laws of control in order to keep our base nature and need for conflict in check. Consequently, the topic of peace is greeted with great cynicism. The result is that it is exceptionally difficult to disseminate and apply what has been discovered and, for this reason, humanity blinds itself to a better future.

The Science of Peace has the potential to change humanity's future for a more peaceful world. The release of intellectual energy currently being expended on power creation, conflict and war, will be able to concentrate on revealing amazing discoveries that have yet to be even imagined.

It is time for Peace Studies to transform into the Science of Peace. In this transformation, common curriculum must be developed and taught at the very beginning of our children's education and carried through to adulthood. This is the only way to change humanity's ethereal belief in peace into the reality of common experience.

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