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The Poison of Fable

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The spirit of ideology believes that the righteousness of the cause justifies any effort in order to gather the faithful or to scatter the opposition. In the contentious battle between chanting mobs, facts are mingled with the poison of fable and humanity is left to suffer in ignorance as truth quietly dies. With fable supplanting truth, there is no fact that can shake the foundation of ideology, each side too entrenched and entranced to be awakened from their hypnosis.

The ideologist will valiantly proclaim that both peace and prosperity will be found if you will join the righteous cause to silence the opposition. But this is deception – the purpose of strident ideology is to build the power of a few through the division of humanity. And for this cause, the viral spread of hate and violence is often the method.

This is not the end of truth however.

Wisdom has the power to cause truth’s resurrection. Wisdom does not rely on fact or opinion: Wisdom is elemental within the intellect of the contemplative mind and can discern the path to truth in both silence and in darkness. If this were not so, truth would never have been discovered and facts never created. Wisdom does not seek to bruise pride nor care if pride is bruised. Wisdom is the enemy of ideology and when called upon, wisdom can silence the mob, put science back in science, extract fable from truth, create facts that reveal truth, unseat the boisterous politician, reveal tyranny and bring harmony to humanity.

The question is, will humanity use wisdom to create prosperity or be used by ideology to build the power of a few who will gladly take your life in order to live theirs? Hold your ideology aside long enough to let wisdom whisper truth and you will know your answer.

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