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Searching For The Phoenix

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The current COVID crisis is likely one of many waiting to upend the world. With that said, there is a profound moment in time to reassess what we value as humanity. If we don’t substantially change what we value, we will continue to live in ways that will likely usher in our own destruction and misery. No, this isn’t an uplifting topic if we are determined to continue on our present course. But if we are able to step back for a moment and consider our purpose, whether individually or as a species, as to what role we play in nature, perhaps we can realize that we are an important part of this amazing ecosystem!

Many thousands of years ago, we were very much a part of the natural world. We fought with tooth and claw for survival. We were one of many creatures that either consumed the energy of another or were consumed into energy for another. But we had one amazing difference – our intellect. We studied, changed and adapted, eventually becoming the apex predator. But instead of remaining just part of the food chain, we stepped out of the natural world and began creating chains of our own. Eventually, our intellect freed us from the burden of constantly fighting for survival and allowed more intellect to be devoted to other concentrations. Out of that contemplation, civilizations formed and evolved.

Today, we find ourselves deep within civilization. Unfortunately, we built the walls so high that we completely missed our most important calling: to be the custodians of this world, to help form its substance – and to ensure its inhabitants lived in balance. The consequence of our failing is that we have done the complete opposite. Our path of industrialization fueled by consumerism and self-satisfaction, without regard for nature, has thrown the whole world out of balance.

While we have celebrated our advances, the rest of nature has wept, brought into despair by the incredible apathy humanity has shown for rest of this world’s inhabitants. We now find ourselves being burned from the inside out by disease and singed on the outside by the outrage of a species that finds it necessary to find blame of others when, in reality, we are all to blame.

The question is, when this first wave is over; will we reflect and discover a renewed purpose on this planet? Will we pick ourselves out of the ashes of failure and imagine into reality a new world where we are once again part of nature? This is our world to take care of, and, if we acknowledge this reality, we will see that what we had previously called sacrifice is now the opportunity to fill the void with that which everyone seems to be searching: purpose. Until that that day, all we can do is scan the horizon for the Phoenix rising from the ashes, signaling our rebirth back into the natural world. let’s hope it comes soon. Peace.

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