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Peace and Purpose

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

World peace, an idea that seems so foreign as a possibility that, for the most part, it has been left to divine expectations at the end of life. Unfortunately, this creates the circumstance where efforts to create true peace are set aside in lieu of seemingly more practical means to garner an earthly peace.

These peace builders usually focus on regional strive between competing groups where mediators attempt to solve pressing issues that spark unrest. While this is certainly peace building, it may only serve as a momentary solution to a much deeper problem. Some say that the deeper problem is humanity itself; believing we are a violent species where conflict and greed are necessary attributes coded within humanity's DNA for survival. While that may be true to some extent, it neglects to consider the evolution of humanity's experience. Through the generations we have learned to adapt and become more and more survivable within our environment, and as a consequence, attributes for survival - real survival - are no longer completely valid. If our biggest danger to our lives is not disease and starvation, but rather our own kind, then we must intellectually consider that we must evolve as a species in order to survive. In this evolution we must realize that the conflict today is inspired by greed and power, not survival of self.

Today, there are people starving, but this is not a consequence of lack, but rather a lack of will and focus. As nations, we have separated ourselves from the concerns of others and as a result, some suffer while others do not. The determination as to who actually suffers is simply a subject of the geography of your birth and not a reflection of who is truly deserving of their circumstance. Given our reality, the question becomes what can be done to ease some of humanity's suffering and potentially avert conflict?

The answer to the question is complex and the areas of opportunity are vast. However, humanity is capable of answering the call. It will take dedication and determination, education and science, and above all, the influence and voice of the world's population. In order to create peace, the issue of peace must move out of typical governmental and academic circles and be addressed by the whole of human society. Peace as a purpose must transcend geographic, religious, cultural and racial boundaries. While not in the spiritual sense per se, humanity must construct the church of peace, create the tenants by which they will live and spread the gospel of an earthly peace. This is not meant to sound overly simplistic, but every person needs to start looking at the influences of power and determine if this is the path that leads to prosperity. Consider your calling as peace makers and start the change - church is in session. Peace.

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