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If Tomorrow Matters

While we can debate the true circumstance of the world, there is little doubt that power structures are reorganizing. Measured observations seem to indicate that troubles in terms of violent acts of terrorism have been on the decline, however, peace in general may be at a 10 year low ( - This may be especially true with regard to civil unrest. Given this circumstance, the opportunity for the commencement of major warfare is ripe. This is because when a population becomes restless there are very few things that unify like war. Therefore, issues that perhaps are usually small, are made large in order to distract the population away from the pain causing the civil unrest.

In any case, whether civil unrest or a population stirred to conflict over policies or perceptions, humanity is most often used to serve the desires of a small group of individuals that stand to gain from the unrest. In this reflection, we should realize that most conflict has been for the protection of capital interests and not necessarily freedom or security.

So when should arms be used against another nation? Are all things against our capital interests a threat to freedom and security, or are most conflicts simply a response to the potential loss of profits? If the latter is true than all sides must come to the realization that the profits gained through the suffering of humanity serves very few, and a critical analysis must be made to determine if the contest is truly worth the cost to humanity as a whole, verses the economic gain or loss of a few.

It doesn't take too much insight to see that the world is ramping up for a very unfortunate event unless we wake up collectively as a species and realize it is time for a change. Conflict in the struggle for wealth that serves a few is not worth our sons and daughters and certainly should not be wrapped into national pride and ego. Yes, evil does exist, and sometimes it is necessary and right that it is met with fire, but for our humanity we must be able to discern evil from capital interest. For circumstances surrounding capital interests, we can negotiate and agree to terms - even if those terms take a very long time to agree upon.

If humanity continues to sit back and watch themselves be wrapped into the battle for someone's fame and fortune, the loss of blood and life for a worthless cause is assured. To avoid the suffering we must understand that not all losses in the game of capitalism is an affront to freedom. If there is a problem in the game of capitalism, make better rules, get better referees, but don't kill the fans watching the game.

Governments need to turn back to their people and win back their veneration. Not through the unification that war causes, but in the realization that compassion for each-other and peace between people and nations is becoming the new power, and that strident divisional politics is counter to the ideals of the vast majority of humanity.

If tomorrow matters, we must become a more compassionate and wiser people.

-We Are Sovereign Peace.

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